One customer one pavilion Experience in pottery and cutting work/kneading hand "Black Raku Bowl" (by appointment only)

Modeling technique experience of special raku bowl
The experience will be same as the bowl making which perform by the craftman.
We do not use an electric potter’s wheel at all, so you can make the shape as you like by the kneading hand,
and after firing about 1 hour,with the boardyou can finish the bowl which make by your own imagination by reduce the weight and, you will make the real of black raku bowl.
※ Raku bowl that you you finish, will be painted by the craftsmen at a day later, and will be fired.

Hand kneading work Pottery
  • Detail

    13:00 for 30 minutes every day (until 13:00, please come to the workshop)
    (However, please give us your reservation up to 2 days before)
    ※ O-Bon, the New Year's holiday will be holiday kiln date. Please contact us for details.

    Time required
    About 3 hours 30 minutes (including 1 hour break)

    Acceptance number of people
    From 2 persons up to 20 persons

    Experience cost
    One is 32,400 yen (including postage and consumption tax included)

    After the pottery-making and that the bowl is baked, we will ship it to your designated address.
  • The flow of the experience process

    13:30 hand kneading work pottery starts (about 60 minutes)

    14:30 coloration tea-break (about 60 minutes)

    15:30 finish cutting pottery-making (about 90 minutes)

    17:00 Exit
Finish cut pottery