One customer one pavilion Experience in pottery and cutting work Akira Gakusha Raku bowl (By appointment only)

<Pottery making experience>

From the successive raku bowl that is produced in SHOURAKU work, This is the experience that finishing the work in three Popular type of the famous product with the same technique as the craftsman.

  • Skein glaze black tea bowl “”Hage”" KAMURO
  • The Katami exchange bowl “”Fujisan”" FUJISAN
  • Red bowl “” Otogoze”" OTOGOZE

In our select one from among the above three types, it will separate in two.
From among them, we will select a more well-made.
Craftsman will be firing subjected to the glaze at a later date.

  • Details

    event date
    every day (however, please reservation up to 2 days before)
    Morning 9:30 start (until 9:30, please come to the workshop)
    Afternoon 14:00 start (until 14:00, please come to the workshop)
    ※ O-Bon, the New Year's holiday will be holiday kiln date. Please contact us for more information.

    Time required
    About two and a half hours

    Reception number of people
    From 2 persons up to 20 people

    Experience cost (including postage)
    Contact alone like hank glaze black tea bowl ""baldness"" KAMURO 37,800 yen (tax included)
    The Katami exchange bowl ""Fujisan"" FUJISAN 32,400 yen (tax included)
    Red Bowl ""otogoze"" OTOGOZE 27,000 yen (tax included)
  • Experience process experience

    (the morning)
    09::30 Teicha (about 30 min)

    10:00 Start (about120 min)

    12:00 finish

    (the afternoon)
    14:00 Teicha(about 30 min)

    14:30 start(about 120 min)

    16:30 finish