Do you know ""Raku ware""?
By Sen no Rikyū, an aesthetic of ""Rikyu Chanoyu"" was transferred to create the form of bowl.
It was born in Kyoto and grown with chanoyu, Japanese tea ceremony.

A long time ago, Sasaki Kichinosuke, a founder of our pottery, devoted himself to Rikyu's aesthetic, moved from Kyoto Rakuchu to the front of the gate of Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Higashiyama in 1905, and opened ""Shoraku-Gama"", the Chanoyu Raku Ware Pottery.

Currently, the pottery is located in Kameoka, northwest Kyoto. More than 100 years has passed since its opening.

Pink cherry blossom
Little cuckoo chirping in the warm breeze
Fireflies dancing
Gardens are stained by red leaves
Hear chirping of deer under the night sky
Snow dance in silence

In such a village shop, the Kichinosuke spirit and skills will be passed down permanently.

By the kiln owners Sasaki Shouraku